Conscious Cakes

Uniquely inspired and consciously created celebration cakes!

Each one of my cakes is lovingly and consciously designed with the individual person in mind. Each baking experience becomes a meditation for me as I quieten my mind and align myself with the people I bake for. I then receive a deep feeling of what the person’s soul desires to embrace and I allow my thoughts to create the vibrational frequency of that essence. Each ingredient is then added with love and purpose. By doing this, each cake carries a personality that will reflect the people or person I bake for. The design of each cake reflects the vibrational essence, or personality, I have infused in the batter as I connect and create. I never really know how each cake will look. They all have a fun way of designing themselves. I simply listen and respond to the creative process so that each cake is unique just like the individuals I bake for. No two cakes will ever be exactly the same. Along with the cake comes a written reading about the essence I have been spiritually guided to infuse into each cake. I have seen a cake shift the energy in a room after it is eaten. The essence can be felt with the first bite.

The flavors of my cakes are as fun and delicious as their outer designs. I use only the best of ingredients. My belief is if you’re going to indulge in cake, make it as decadent as possible. I do my best to make each cake the most delicious cake you’ve ever eaten.

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion for indulgent cakes with you.

Kenna Akash

Shifting consciousness one bite at a time.

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